The Winery

Our winery harmonizes the traditional wine making methods with the most advanced technical means to achieve a full range of wines that are capable of satisfying the tastes of all our consumers throughout the world.


  • The entrance to our Winery

    The entrance to our Winery

    Our winery can be found in one of the most historical streets of Valdepeñas. From the main courtyard you can reach all the various departments, although the first place of call is always the grape reception area.


  • Process Plant

    Process Plant

    Our Process Plant has a total capacity of up to four million litres of wine and has developed from the traditional ceramic "Tinaja" earthenware tanks to the modern stainless steel deposits with temperature control fermentation.

  • Oak Cask Winery

    Oak Cask Winery

    This winery covers almost 1000 square metres and houses nearly 3.000 American and French oak casks. Here our wines age while enjoying the peace and quiet of the winery.

  • Bottling Plant and Despatch

    Bottling Plant and Despatch

    The Bottling Plant is where the final touches are made to the presentation of the bottle and the package. Great care is required at this stage of the handling process of our products prior to their distribution to all markets.


Miguel Calatayud was the founder and President of the company from 1920 right up until 1968. His enterprising character and constant hard work ensured that the wine business continued to flourish little by little by producing first quality wines and enjoying recognition throughout Spain.

As a result of all this work, there was a need to adapt the most important departments of the winery to new technologies and so in 1950 the company moved to their present site in Calle Postas in Valdepeñas with an extensive covered area that takes in the process plant, the ageing winery, the bottling plant, offices and ancillary departments.

True to our philosophy, Bodegas Miguel Calatayud was officially established as a limited company in 1960 and has since continued to modernize and adapt its installations throughout while maintaining a deep respect for tradition to achieve always the highest quality that characterizes our wines.

Today the third generation of the family headed by José Maria Calatayud who manages the winery that now ships to over 30 countries and thus maintains the spirit of its founder in the passion in the art of producing the very best of wines.



Miguel Calatayud S.A. is continuously striving to be recognized throughout the world as experts in producing attractive wines that are suitable for every taste. We are passionate about the need to provide an impeccable service at all times.



Our winery is pledged to being an ideal provider of a large and varied wine selection that satisfies the most demanding of wine connoisseurs and customers.



We insist on maintaining always the old traditional values of the wine trade, namely full commitment, efficiency, diversity, quality and accountability.



Miguel Calatayud S.A. is continuously commited to developing and maintaining the highest of standards in all phases of the production process that include our vineyards, the complete wine making process up to the finished product.