Our own vineyards

  • Finca La Encomienda

    Finca La Encomienda

    This vineyard is situated at an altitude of 700 - 750 metres within a region of great wine producing tradition. It covers an area of 32 hectares where the finest technical methods are used in vineyard management.

    Soil and Climate
    The soil is made up of surface limestone in a gently undulating terrain. The environmental conditions that prevail are dominated by long periods of sunshine and little rainfall that are highly favourable for producing really mature grapes with high sugar content and a great concentration of aromas.

    Grape varieties
    The two plots of land in this vineyard produce Tempranillo grape (26 hectares) and Garnacha grape (6 hectares) and they make up the main part of our best wines.

    • Finca Almazán

      Finca Almazán

      The vineyard is situated on the banks of the Jabalon River that borders the 12 hectares dedicated to the production of grapes using the most up to date methods of vine cultivation.

      Soil and Climate
      Here deep fertile soils in flat terrain slope gently towards the river bank. This vineyard is somewhat colder than others in the area and this means that the budding of the vines takes place later than average. Long hours of sunshine result in a perfect healthy grape production.

      Grape Varieties
      The three plots of land in the vineyard produce the following grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon (6 hectares), Merlot (3 hectares) and Syrah (3 hectares) that are all destined to contribute both to our varietal wines and to our premium wines.

      • Other vineyards

        Other vineyards

        For many years we have worked with a highly select group of family run vineyards that produce high quality grapes for our premium wines. These vineyards are as follows:  

        Finca la Vereda
        Finca Casa la Chata
        Finca Tajoncillo
        Finca el Hidalgo